Watch buying guide 2020

Time of the year to look what’s worth buying and what’s not. This time round I will list out the best watches your budget can buy. Future price and investment potential are somewhat not given so much weightage (unlike the past).
(Note I using grey market resale price, not necessarily I will follow RRP)

Les Précision recommendation:

– Swatch Sistem51
– Seiko automatic

– Tudor models
– Omega Seamaster past 007 Limited editons
– Omega 3570.50.00 Moonwatch (discon)
– Panerai PAM 0000, 0005

– Rolex Explorer 114270
– Panerai PAM112, PAM104
– Hublot Fusion
– IWC Pilot watches

– Rolex Explorer 2 16570
– Rolex Milgauss 116400GV
– Rolex Explorer 214270

– Rolex ceramic GMT2 11670LN or Submariner 116610LN
– Rolex DeepSea 116660 (black)
– IWC Big Pilot
– discom Rolex GMT 16710
– discon Rolex Submariner 14060m or 16610
– discon Rolex Sea Dweller 16600

– Rolex Submariner Green 16610LV(discon) or 116610LV
– Rolex GMT 116710BLNR (batman)
– Rolex DeepSea James Cameroon 116660;126660
– Rolex SD4000 116600 (discon)
– used AP Offshore Drivers, Black Themes or Volcano (discon)

– AP Royal Oak Offshore Bumble Bee (discon)
– Rolex Daytona 116520
– Rolex GMT 126710BLRO (mk1 bezel)
– AP Royal Oak 15300ST Blue (discon)
– AP Royal Oak 15500ST or 15400ST (discon)
– IWC Perpetual Calendar
– Vacheron Constantin Overseas

– Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A
– Rolex Submariner 116619LB
– Rolex Daytona 16520 (Zenith)
– A.Lange & Söhne Grand Lange 1 Moonphase
– AP Royal Oak 15202ST ultra thin

– Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712/1A, 5711/1A, 5712R
– Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G; 5164A, 5164R travel time
– Rolex Platinum Daytona 116506,
– discon Rolex Platinum Day-Date2 218238;
– AP Royal oak perpetual calendar 26574ST or Equation of time;
– used Patek Philippe 5070J, 5070G, 5070R (discon)
– A.Lange & Söhne Platinum Datograph (power reserve)
– Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Sapphire

– Patek Philippe 5070P (discon)
– Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1A (discon), 5726/1A blue (Grey/White discon)
– Patek Philippe World Time 175th 5575;
– Patek Philippe World Time enamel dial 5131R/J/G
– Richard Mille RM011
– Patek Philippe 5970J 5970R 5970G Grande complications
– Patek Philippe Nautilus 3711/1G, 3712/1A (discon)
– watches from various independent watch makers
– A. Lange & Söhne Lange 31

$250000 and beyond
– Patek Philippe 5004, 5970P Grande complications;
– Patek Philippe 6002G Sky-moon tourbillion
– Rolex Rainbow Daytona and other all diamonds sports Rolex
– Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1
– Richard Mille models
– AP Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked 26585CE.OO.1225CE.01

^^Notably I had omitted the vintages watches in the lineup. For buyers with sophistication and taste for vintages, I feel they might not need a list like above. Also there are many pitfalls in the world of vintage, which is the reason why I will not recommend beginners or intermediate collectors to venture into the vintage Rolex or Patek.

Of course, please buy only what you like to wear. We have a finite and limited funds or budget for watches buying, always be mindful on each watch purchase. Buying a premium-price watch and posting on Instagram may be good fun. But always remember: there is definitely more important things in life. Invest sensibly and please don’t buy on impulse. Wishing everyone a better and safe 2020!

Recession Proof watch?

Is there such thing as a Recession Proof watch?
It’s really been a kind of revaluation for some watch collectors/investors to see a price correction for some of the most sought after watches. I too eagerly watched the video on recession proof watches. (link below:)
unfortunately I may have to express a differ opinion in some of the things he mentioned:

1) Recommending to buy models the never appreciated recently:
There is a reason why these watches (he mentioned) never appreciated in value in the first place, and quite honestly I will feel my wrist deserves better than those “recession-proof” watches. They either not suited for my lifestyle or my age. For example the 36mm President are too small for my wrist.

2) Seriously… going back to AP offshore 42mm?
AP offshore is a massively and insanely popular watch up to a few years a ago. Quite naturally this trend dies off and price had fallen and remain stagnant lately. While it is not exactly a obsolete design like Cathode-Ray tube television, it definitely seem better days. The biggest risk I will run into, is having mocked by friends with slick Royal Oak 15202 on their wrist. Further more I doubt the value of Offshore will hold if there is a price onslaughts during a full blown financial market recession. For a stock that never rise in a boom market, how will you expect it to survive a downturn?

3) Datejust 41mm the worry of greater evil ahead
Nice to see the popularity and fortunes of Datejust Improving. We all know why: Sport Rolex models just simply too hard or expensive to obtain. We use to be able to buy a Datejust from ADs with some discount years ago, now they (Datejust) are flying off the shelf at RRP or being bundled deal with a sport model. Some people I know even purchased Datejust/Day-Date in order to build a relationship with the retailer, in hope of getting a sport Rolex allocation some time in future. In my opinion, to many people bought Datejust that they don’t need recently. When recession hits and there is a need to free up cash, trust me, people will offload the Datejust first. When that happens, secondary market may not have the ability to absorb them all and that make them an illiquid asset. What’s worse? Falling price for sports Rolex or illiquid dressy Rolex?

4) Gold President Day-Date
If there is one thing that’s as true as: “sun rises from the east” that will be Rolex President (“Rolex King” 1803, 18038) value will appreciated over the time. They are make of solid 18k gold and hence the value material provides a good hedge against inflation, as simple as that. Those Day-Date with extremely desirable dial like “Stellar” have prices already shot up into the stratosphere recently, so please be extremely careful.

SO? What shall we do then?
While we love to see the price of watches grow, too many of us simply neglected what other advantages a wrist-watch have: for example, giving us the style, the confident, the distraction of modern day stress, the projection of our personality , etc..
I’ll argue that NOW is even more crucial to have a “correct” watch wrist strapped on our wrist than any other time, since the invention of portable time-telling devices: We often don’t want to be spotted with an ugly watch or too expensive timepiece that too overwhelming for the occasions, etc.
So please choose the watches wisely. It is true price will fall during recession, so is other asset classes like shares and property. BUT isn’t it true that they will rebound after the recession?
We can hold back the expansion of our collection, and postponed the purchases. Maybe in time, lower prices or better opportunities may present itself. Just please don’t buy whatever (that’s presented in the video that I share) if you don’t like them, it is hard to liquidate them in future.

While we can’t live without a roof over our head, neither do we want to lose the comfort and luxury having beautiful timepieces. Every unhappy day is a waste, as our time on this planet is finite. So is every day that has passed by without a good watch on our wrist. Believe me, value isn’t everything…..

#It’sMyLife #rolex #patek

Watch Market Review fall/winter 2019

There’s certainly a cloud of uncertainties going to the final months of 2019. The 2 biggest economics are locked in a long and sustained treat of trade war; while the biggest watch market, Hong Kong is deeply embroiled in unrest. After a strong showing in the H1 2019. The sustainability of the price growth was severely tested in the Q3. Weakness in price for popular modern Rolex models such as Daytona, Hulk, GMT. Prices have dropped about 15-30% in some of these models. Patek Nautilus too are fell 10-25%. Though the correction was after an unprecedented pricing boom, many investors who have faith still pretty much sit on a large paper profit. For example if you bought a new Hulk in 2014 it is still worth about S$4000 more than what you has paid for.

We do find some stability in the resale prices lately, although the sale volume is predictably low. Nevertheless the price crash which we worried didn’t happened. This could be due to the fact the there’s still a long line of people on the waiting list for some other these models. The price drop on the secondary market is inconsequential to those the wait list, because are they (the wait list people) will not want to pay the premium prices to get hold of these Rolex or Patek; they continue to soak up the new stocks and not spilling it to resale market yet. Thus the supply continues to be tight.

Silver lining:
1. Investing for the future?
A Patek Philippe watch recently smashed the world record for the most expensive watch ever sold. What so surprising is that, unlike the previous record holders, this watch is just newly created as a unique piece for a charity auction. No history, no provenance, just the most complicated Patek Philippe wrist watch movement housed in a stainless steel case. This we observed it as a sign of new investment mindset that’s prevailing in today’s financial world: people are buying into future prices. They are willing to risk paying higher price premium on an investment now and wait for it to mature to realized the full price potential many years down the road: Likes of Uber or Netflix are good example. Rolex Hulk are another good example: investors and collectors alike bought the prices up in anticipation of the discontinuation of ref. 116610LV. Surely it is matter of time Rolex will stop making the 3135 Calibre. This is phenomenal is mainly due to the very stable and prolong low interest rate environment. Fixed income yield are getting scarcer, investors don’t mind parking cash on investment that will eventually yield years down the road. Some countries where there’s negative interest rates, the people have to pay interest just for keeping the money in the banks. Why not invest in watches instead?
2. Omega moonwatch,
is doing particularly well. The white snoopy has hit S$30k, great accomplishment. For a modern Omega, of course partially have to thanks to 50th Anniversary of the Apollo landing. Just when the overall market is dull, this looks like a light beacon in the stormy coast.
3. Watch Safe haven?
Amid the uncertainty else where around the globe, people are exiting from investment that’s hit by the trade wars. Like physical gold, value of a Rolex will not plummet to zero in value. This could well be an alternative hedge as compare to bonds, the latter yield is at all time low as result of many factors (which I am not able to cover in the write-up. Of course choosing the correct watch model is paramount. But important to remember safe haven don’t means profit. It’s just like one’s having to decide gold to meet his hedging needs, he will not expect gold trade to make money, rather it is purely for value or capital protection. In troubled time when asset value vaporizing and crashing, having protected his capital, one’s able buy more asset simply with this same amount of capital, isn’t that a form of profit?

Les Precision: how we reacted
Remember last quarter (Q3) I mentioned we are looking to lower inventories and free up cash. That pays off somewhat, we liquidated some of holdings such as the 116710LN, 16600 and 116520. That enables us to hit the cash target, at the same time avoiding losses due to the falling prices of 116710LN prices.
Of course we still have a sizable holding of 116710LN, but we expect the price to stabilize as the ADs by now have cleared the last of the 116710LN stocks. We are now 40 – 60 of Cash vs Rolex/Patek. All the watch held are discontinued models, where we have greater clarity of its production numbers etc.
We also not expect any strong price surge as the trade war had clipped the wings of many deep pockets Chinese buyers and dampen mood of other collectors. Neither will we expect a price crash as the linger low interests environment will continue to encourage people to spend.

What’s next for us?
As the monetary easing continues, fiat currencies values will erodes again physical asset. So on a longer run we will continue a stable holding of Rolex/Patek. Near term we might seek to de-invest some Rolex pieces and prepare the cash for better opportunities. This might means realizes loses on 116710LN and etc. As the market enters a lull, good pieces may be easier to obtain as seller is more patience with offers and negotiations.

Disclaimer: This is solely a personal interpretation of the current situation and macroeconomic. I am not liable for any losses resulting from any misinterpretation, copycat investment or what so ever.
If you are thinking of making an investment into watches, do understand the risk involved. My article are solely based on current outlook and it does not guarantee situation will remain as described in (near) future. Real world economy and financial markets do have a massive influence on the luxury resale market, so please exercise with caution.

Daytona mania

Daytona Mania!!
White 116500LN already shot past S$30k. Seem like nothing can quite stop the relentless demand for these beauties… The long waiting list, there’s just not enough of them to go around, yet.

Perpetual Calendars Head-to-head: Royal Oak vs Nautilus

Audemars Piguet 26574ST.OO.1220ST.02 vs Patek Phlippe 5740/1G

The rivary between the 2 most iconic sports watch design has take another new level when Patek Philippe launched Nautilus in perpetual calendar ref. 5740G this year. Below is a short comparison between these 2 enternal rivals. Let me know what you feel.  🙂

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Patek Phlippe Natilus 5740/1G
Ref: 26574ST.OO.1220ST.02 Ref: 5740/1G

Well balanced layout on the Royal Oak dial. The watch even has the 52weeks-of-a-year indicator.

Finally a complication that all Nautilus fan long for. Result wasn’t that desirable?? The sub dial 3/9 o’clock has broken the harmony and balance of the Nautilus look, (the harmony of horizontal of strips against to Oval bezel). The circles are just screaming straight into your face.

“ROYAL OAK” “QUANTIEME PERPETUEL” around the movement, an innovative way of camouflaging the fact that a smaller movement was being housed in the enlarged (41mm) case

5740/1G case back, look exactly like a 5712/1A. After all they both share same base movement.

Audemars Piguet Caliber 5143 (front)

Patek Philippe Caliber 240 Q (front)

Audemars Piguet Caliber 5134 (back)

Patek Philippe Caliber 240 Q (back)

Close up of the dial: Blue “Grande Tapisserie”

The usually crowded dial, by Nautilus standard

Audemars Piguet
 26574ST.OO.1220ST.02 (2015)

Diameter: 41mm
Thickness: 9.5mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Dial Color: Blue “Grande Tapisserie”
Indexes: Applied batons and Arabic numerals
Lume: On hands and hour markers
Water Resistance: 20 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet with AP folding clasp.

Patek Philippe
5740/1G-001 (2018)

Diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 8.42mm
Case Material: White gold
Dial Color: Blue
Indexes: Applied batons and Arabic numerals
Lume: On hands and hour markers
Water Resistance: 60 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Integrated white gold bracelet

The Movement

Caliber: Manufacture 5134
Functions: Perpetual calendar with week indication, day, date, astronomical moon, month, leap year, hours and minutes.
Diameter: 29mm
Thickness: 4.31mm
Power Reserve:  40 hours
Winding: The oscillating weight,  guided by a peripheral ring
Frequency: 2.75 Hz (19,800 vph)
Jewels: 38
Total Components: 374

The Movement

Caliber: 240 Q
Functions: Hours, minutes, 24-hour dial, perpetual calendar with month, day of the week, date, leap year indicator and moonphase
Diameter: 27.5mm
Thickness: 3.88mm
Power Reserve: 38-48 hours
Winding: Automatic with micro-rotor
Frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vph)
Jewels: 27
Total Components: 275


Patek Philippe Boxes

One of the geniune experience as a Patek Philippe watch owner is the joy of taking your watch out from a fine exquite wooden box, that came along with the watch. Patek Philippe believe all their watches are equally prestiges, hence the boxes are all the same, for most wrist watches.

However, we do know that some of the Prepertual Calendar wrist watches do come in a Winder Box. Occasionally we do came across a larger version, those that comes with ultra-high end complication such as minute-repeaters.  It is a massive box with a drawer tray and a key and lock:


2018 spring/summer watch buying guide


2018 Spring/Summer Wrist-Watch Buying Guide

Time of the year to look what’s worth buying. Swiss-watch collectors are certainly in a daze, price for some collectable models had surged. Nowadays buyers tend to more prudent; watch acquisition has become a very selective and deliberate process. Probably that’s the main reason why some particular Rolex and Pateks commands such high resale prices nowadays.

Les Précision recommendation:

– Swatch Sistem51
– Seiko automatic

– Tudor models
– Omega Seamaster past 007 Limited Edition models
– Omega 3570.50.00 Moonwatch (discon)
– Panerai PAM 380

Omega Speedmaster Professional (Moon Watch) 3570.50.00

– Rolex Explorer 214270
– Panerai (discon) PAM0000 or 0005
– discon Rolex 40mm Explorer2 16570 (*best value),

Rolex Explorer : ref 216570

– Rolex Explorer 2 216570
– Rolex Milgauss 116400GV
– discon Rolex SeaDweller 16600
– discon Rolex Submariner 14060m or 16610

Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

Rolex Sea Dweller 16600










– Rolex ceramic GMT2 11670LN or Submariner 116610LN
– Rolex DeepSea 116660;
– Rolex 2-tone: Yachtmaster 116621, GMT 116713LN; Datejust 2 116333 (discon)

Discon: Rolex 116600 the shortest production for a modern stainless steel Rolex Sports

Rolex 116710LN


– Rolex Yachtmaster2 116680 (old Dial & hands)
– Rolex DeepSea 116660 (Deep Blue dial)
– Rolex SD4000 116600 (discon)
– used AP Offshore Black Themes or Volcano (discon)
– AP Royal Oak 15300 (discon)

Rolex Deep Sea: DEEP BLUE

– AP Royal Oak Offshore Bumble Bee (discon)
– Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A;
– Rolex Yachtmaster2 (2tone) 116681
– Rolex GMT master 2 16718 (discon)

Rolex Yachtmaster II 116681

– Rolex GMT2 green dial 116718LN;
– used Rolex YG Daytona 116528;
– discon Rolex Submariner 16618 (Blue Dial)
– Vacheron Constantin Overseas (2016 release)

Patek Philippe Nautilus: (left to right) 5980/1A; 5711/1A; 5712/1A

– Patek Phillippe Nautilus 5712/1A or 5711/1A
– Patek Travel time 5164A
– Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921
– A.Lange & Söhne Grand Lange 1 Moonphase

A.Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk “Striking hour”

– Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1A or 5980R
– Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G
– Rolex Platinum Daytona 116506,
– discon Rolex Platinum Day-Date2 218238;
– AP Royal oak perpetual calendar or Equation of time;
– used Patek Philippe 5070J, 5070G, 5070R (discon)
– A.Lange & Söhne Platinum Datograph (power reserve)

Rainbow Daytona very limited production run (8months)

– Patek Philippe 5070P (discon)
– Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5650G (Advance Research)
– Patek Philippe World Time 175th 5575;
– Patek Philippe World Time enamel dial 5131R/J/G
– Richard Mille RM011

Patek Philippe “Grande Complication” 5270G

$250000 and beyond
– Patek Philippe 5004, 5970 or 3970 Grande complications;
– Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1


SPECIAL SECTION: Watch value picks for 2018

Many of the collectable models are now simply too expensive to keep for investment. Or rather low lying fruits have been picked. Hence it is paramount for Collectors and Investors to be even more careful in the selection process. Fortunately there are still some well liked models that are still having bearable prices.
*Tips: When searching for watches, go for one with full set. Not just the box and paper; tags and operator’s manual is best accompanied with the timepiece. Also have to make sure all the accompany accessories are that of the correct era. This will ensure high resell value and more highly sough after.*

Here’s some recommendations:

Omega watches seem to be less affordable now, mainly thanks to the push towards in-house movement. As such many of the older model seem relatively under-valued.
– Likes of non-ceramic Sea-master or Moonwatch professional 3570.50 seem to be a good bet.
– James Bond 007 limited editions (like sky fall, Casino Royal, etc.) is worth a keep if you are a die-hard Bond fan.

Noticed this time round the much loved Rolex models such as 16710, 16610LV, 116610LV, 116520 are not in my list above. Quite obvious, there are some element speculative elements harping up their market prices. Hence, they are been omitted,
For 2018 my pick:
– Full Gold GMT master 2 with Brown dial 16718;
– discontinued black Submariner 16610, Explorer 2 216570
– Also the Explorer2 16570 (40mm) that’s always super good value.

Patek Philippe:
Stainless Steel Nautilus resale price are sky high at the moment, nevertheless, the Annual Calendar pricing is still pretty decent
My Pick:
– used Nautilus 5726/1A or 5726A seem slight under-priced (relative to other Nautilus counterpart like 5711 5712 or 5980)
– World Time Enamel dial 5131R;

Audemars Piguet, AP:
AP wouldn’t have survive the quartz crisis if not for Royal Oak. For me AP is all about the Royal Oak. The popular Offshore is in a mini delcine. Hence I’ll advise to be more careful with Offshore. Traditional Royal Oak ultra-thin 15202 (st), with its legendary 2121 movement, has seen a large price surged. Hence, I will see AP 15300 comparably as a more value of money option now.

Perhaps the main driver (along with AP offshore) for the big watch trend which we saw over the past decade. Now this brand had sadly over-run itself. I will not regard most of the modern PAMs as “investable”, as over-production had eroded Panerai appeal to collectors. Perhaps now it is better to avoid. Only the base models are worth a consideration .

Remember, number 1 rule is buy what you like to wear. Most of us only have limited funds or budget for watches. Buying an illiquid watch will run into difficulties to resale later on. My list above will probably contains some of the most resellable in today’s market.

But do remember: bigger things in life, like family and housing do come first. Invest sensibly and please don’t buy on impluse. Wishing all a better and safe 2018! Happy investing!!

Wrist-watches as value keepers?

Value keeping watches?

With equities market at now on ecstasy. Main benchmark indexes hitting record high, many investors are busy getting their bucks working even harder. However, there always are a handful of doomsayers, whom believe in “what goes up must come down”. In the recent years, the rise of Swiss watch industry has created another investment vehicle or asset class. Swiss watches are well known for value keeping, it has liquidity to some extend too. However judging from the prices achieve at auction houses in last couple of years, prices can be nothing short of speculative.

First one must know, there are an element of TREND influencing the resale prices of wrist watches. Trend of the past, like chunky watches for example, inflated resale price of historic Panerai and Audemars Piguet Offshore. While these watches did not become worthless, owners did find themselves overpaid in the past and facing the problem of finding buyer when they wish to liquidate. Fashion are less cyclical than financial markets, hoping and praying for a return of an outdate trend/style may just be too folly.

Iconic models: these are the evergreens and timeless design. Model of the past and design for the future. Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Rolex Submariners, GMT or Daytona are the obvious choices for today. They are the hottest watches of the moments and a long standing history. It is very easy for investor to believe today’s daring of the market will still be a blue chip of the future. Look at the sky high prices of these models, I will not advise everyone to jump into this frenzy without making a proper study. A stark reminder of some Iconic that became a thing of the forgotten past, IWC big pilot, Franck Müller Crazy Hours, Cartier Tank or Rolex Datejust. They are still iconic and recognizable today, but do they worth as much as the popular counterpart now?

Hence, it is downright important for any wrist watch investor keep abreast of current trend and resale prices. Not doubt wrist watches are worthy investment. Ones’ must know what’s up and coming and what’s turning cold. Just like selling off petroleum related stocks as the crude oil industry experience over-production problem. Best is to stay ahead and observe the changing market taste. Review your collection from time to time.

How collectable are the SEA-DWELLER 4000 ref.116600 (SD4000)?

How collectable are the SEA DWELLER 4000 ref.116600 (SD4000)?

2017 marks the 50th Anniversary for the Sea Dweller. Originated as the upgrade version of the Submariner, in collaboration with COMEX; it is goes on to become an entire linage by itself.

Ref. 116600 was unveiled at 2014 Baselworld. To the surprise of many, it was discontinued this year (2017) making way for ref. 126600 (43mm with cyclope). Ending a brief and unremarkable production run. A smaller case (comparing with Submariner and Deepsea) coupled with a higher price tag, make sales reasonably slow. Perhaps, these are the real factors that made Rolex decide to kill this reference, for good…

On the hindsight, this create an interesting scenario for Rolex collectors:
1) Shortest production span for any of the pure stainless steel sports Rolex, no different dial variants discovered so far, homogenous batch.
2) First Rolex professional watch in the “ceramic bezel” era to be discontinued.
3) Most importantly, how many 116600 really existed?

Already the price for 116600 in the preonwed market is already surging. Collectors and dealers have realize its potential. Value of watches is always a balancing act between the supply and demand. We now know the 116600 supply is now finite and dwindling. How high it will go perhaps will depend on the future demand….




Rolex Anchor refers to those miniature anchors that’s included with Submariner  & Sea-dwellers watches.  In 2005 (F series) Rolex decided to stopped issuing Anchor as an accessory with the Sea-Dweller ref. 16600 and  Submariner ref. 16610/16613/16618.

Nevertheless owners of these old watches will love to include them with their watches, having it as part of “complete” package (set).

We believe Rolex first began including the anchor with the early generation Submariner models ref. 6536 & 5508. They are known to be issue with 100m/330m Anchors.

Vintage 1680 or 5513 Submariners with 200m/660ft anchor are rather well documented.


Sea-Dweller 1665 anchor, however was of a rare and curious thing. Rolex did a trick: they stick a plastic green dot over the standard Submariner anchor. Green dot of 200m & 610ft was glue over the depth rating of the 200m/660ft anchors.

The introduction transitional models Submariner 16800 and Sea-Dweller 16660 in the early 1980s, when Rolex started using sapphire as replacement to plexi. The depth rating increased: Maybe the anchor with the new depth rate probably wasn’t ready in time. So Rolex used the same old trick once again: they stick a plastic green dot on top of the old rating. Green dot of 300m and 1000ft was glue over the old 200m/660ft anchors: and we have a transitional Submariner anchor. Similarly for 16660 it’s anchor has green dot of 1200m & 4000ft.

The modern Submariner anchor: The silver 300m/1000ft anchor (below) is the most commonly found anchor variant, as it was included with the stainless steel 16610/14060/14060m and two tone Submariner 16613 variants, for a period of one and a half decade.


A much rare Gold-plated Submariner Anchor (see insert) is for the full gold Submariner 16618:

Gold submariner anchor 300m/1000ft. This is an anchor issued with the yellow gold Submariner ref. 16618. As 16618 was…

Posted by Les Précision on Sunday, 13 November 2016

The modern Sea-Dweller anchor: The silver 1220m/4000ft anchor (much rarer and hence cost double) are a standard issue to 16600 till 2005.