Rolex Anchor refers to those miniature anchors that’s included with Submariner  & Sea-dwellers watches.  In 2005 (F series) Rolex decided to stopped issuing Anchor as an accessory with the Sea-Dweller ref. 16600 and  Submariner ref. 16610/16613/16618.

Nevertheless owners of these old watches will love to include them with their watches, having it as part of “complete” package (set).

We believe Rolex first began including the anchor with the early generation Submariner models ref. 6536 & 5508. They are known to be issue with 100m/330m Anchors.

Vintage 1680 or 5513 Submariners with 200m/660ft anchor are rather well documented.


Sea-Dweller 1665 anchor, however was of a rare and curious thing. Rolex did a trick: they stick a plastic green dot over the standard Submariner anchor. Green dot of 200m & 610ft was glue over the depth rating of the 200m/660ft anchors.

The introduction transitional models Submariner 16800 and Sea-Dweller 16660 in the early 1980s, when Rolex started using sapphire as replacement to plexi. The depth rating increased: Maybe the anchor with the new depth rate probably wasn’t ready in time. So Rolex used the same old trick once again: they stick a plastic green dot on top of the old rating. Green dot of 300m and 1000ft was glue over the old 200m/660ft anchors: and we have a transitional Submariner anchor. Similarly for 16660 it’s anchor has green dot of 1200m & 4000ft.

The modern Submariner anchor: The silver 300m/1000ft anchor (below) is the most commonly found anchor variant, as it was included with the stainless steel 16610/14060/14060m and two tone Submariner 16613 variants, for a period of one and a half decade.


A much rare Gold-plated Submariner Anchor (see insert) is for the full gold Submariner 16618:

Gold submariner anchor 300m/1000ft. This is an anchor issued with the yellow gold Submariner ref. 16618. As 16618 was…

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The modern Sea-Dweller anchor: The silver 1220m/4000ft anchor (much rarer and hence cost double) are a standard issue to 16600 till 2005.


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