PATEK PHILIPPE Shipping box for leather strap Nautilus watches

Original PATEK PHILIPPE Shipping box for:

leather strap Nautilus watches: 5980, 5990, 5726

rubber strap Aquanaut watches: 5167, 5164


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Patek Philippe Nautilus bracelet/spare links information

PATEK PHILIPPE NAUTILUS Stainless steel bracelet for ref.  5711/1A, 5712/1A, 5980/1A and 5800/1A from 2006-2012.
Historic Background:

PATEK PHILIPPE revamped the Nautilus collection in 2006 as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration. 4 stainless models was introduced 5711/1A, 5712/1A, 5980/1A and 5800/1A. These modern Nautius come a three-part case, notably the case back is now integrated with sapphire crystal to display the movement. The ‘ears’ slightly changed with a subtle curvature for better overall harmonization with the bezel. The screw-down crown was slightly increased in size.

In 2012, Patek Philippe decided to change the Nautilus braclet system and obsolete the screws-type on links. In place is the rather disappointing, the pin-sercured links, which need to be hammered in. The new links type, definately simplier and easier to manufacture. Hence a rather weird decision that Patek Philippe took.

Collectors Reference:

Original Factory issue bracelet a full bracelet should have:5711/1A: 7 removal links5712/1A: 7 removal links5980/1A: 6 removal links5800/1A: 9 removal links





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PATEK PHILIPPE Aquanaut’s 20th Anniversary models: 5168G and 5650G Advance Research

Launch in 1997, Aquanaut is often viewed as the entry model for this premier watch manufacturer. This year, Patek Philippe presented 2 new Aquanauts commerating its 20th Anniversary, at Baselworld 2017.

1) Aquanaut Travel Time ref. 5650G “Advanced Research” – Patek Philippe’s pursuit of technology excellence. This the 5th watch in the Advanced Research series – the Travel Time, its compliant mechanism for setting the time zone.

The Advanced Research uses a mere 12 components for the second time zone mechanism; rather then 37 that of the original design. Essentially they do away with the various springs and levers, replacing them with a complex but flexible structure, which they called – the compliant mechanism. It improves reliability, while reduce time needed for assembly and refinement. This mechanism can be admire thru the cut out at the dial’s 7-11 o’clock. Cynically, it reminds me of the smashed up Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face in the classic movie: T2.

Available as a limited edition of 500 watches in white gold.
Les Précision’s Collectability Factor 7/10.

2) Aquanaut ref. 5168G – 5168G essentially is an enlarged version of the existing model 5167. A 42mm case in white gold with emboss blue dial. Perhaps Patek Philippe collectors can look forward to a 42mm stainless steel: 5168A as a possibility in the near future.

Les Précision’s Collectability Factor 4/10.